Gas Explosion and Burn Injury Attorneys in Bakersfield

Our Bakersfield gas explosion lawyers are some of the most experienced in Kern County. At Chain | Cohn | Stiles we have been helping the families of people killed in explosions and explosion burn victims in Kern County for 80 years. There was a gas explosion near Bakersfield in Kern County on 11/13/2015. One person was killed and at least 2 people suffered burns or other injuries as a result of the explosion according to Apparently, an equipment operator hit the gas line with a tractor or other piece of heavy equipment which could have caused the explosion. If you or a loved one was killed or burned because of the explosion you should talk to an experienced wrongful death and explosion attorney serving Kern County.

Experienced Kern County Burn Injury Lawyers

The gas line explosion on 11/13/2015 will most likely lead to lawsuits from the victims. Our burn injury lawyers in Bakersfield know that the recovery process can be very difficult and are here to help fight on our clients’ behalf for fair compensation. The damages caused by the responsible parties will need to be accounted for, we are experienced lawyers who know how to win a proper settlement.

Bakersfield Gas Explosion, Wrongful Death and Burn Injury Lawyers

Bakersfield Gas Explosion LawyersOur Bakersfield wrongful death and explosion lawyers have the skills required to successfully resolve cases with the goal of achieving the best result for our clients. We handle cases relating to explosions that happen because of PG&E gas lines or third party negligence. It is unknown who is responsible for the explosion that happened south of Bakersfield but is likely that someone is to blame for the accidental death of a person and the burns sustained by other people. We are Bakersfield explosion lawyers and we are more than skilled when it comes to representing clients in wrongful death and burn injury situations.

Bakersfield Gas Line Explosion 11/13

When it comes to burn cases, we are the most experienced law firm in Bakersfield. Those who have been burned, injured, or killed in a gas explosion accident can benefit from our help. Many times, gas lines will become damaged due to the negligence of a machine operator or an accident causing the Bakersfiel gas line explosion. If there is another part at fault for your injuries, we can assist you in taking legal action. Please call today to speak to a gas explosion lawyer today.